SafeOperator is the most comprehensive solution for the remote mechanical operation of valves in every industry. We lead the world in delivering systems which make your industry a safer place.

SafeOperator remote mechanical system for the operation of valves allow every industry to locate the point of operation in a place of safety or convenience.

The SafeOperator  range features two main systems:

  • Standard Flexible shaft (FS system)
  • Flexible shaft system with integrated gearing (IG system)

We are proud members of the Valve Manufacturers Association of America.

• Use on virtually any valve intended for manual operation
• Locate the point of operation in a place of safety or convenience.
• Easy operation of hard-to-reach valves
• Keep out of potentially hazardous environments by locating the valve operation outside the space.
• Avoid the need for a confined space permit. Put the point of operation in an accessible and safe area.
• No need to compromise pipeline layouts just to ensure valve access. Allows designers to optimized layouts.
• No need to build expensive platforms.
• Keep on the ground and avoid climbing ladders.
• A reliable back-up in the event of electrical failure.
• No need to stretch or lean over gangways or platforms to operate a valve, use a flexible remote valve operator.
• Use as the back-up system on ballast valves and centralize manual back-up with a SafeOperator Ballast Valve Control System.
• Proven, developed, flexible shaft system delivers customer value by solving safety and access problems